Most of the posts you will find here explore comic books and the comic book industry through the lens of the humanities and the law. Topics will often include class, race, gender, politics, and law. Comments from fellow ComicCritters are welcome, as are blog post submissions.


Jason Michael Groth began his critical approach to comic books while in law school. He explored V for Vendetta‘s interplay between security and liberty for a law school seminar (which you will be able to read here as a blog series). His analysis of Alan Moore’s graphic novel spurred further critical exploration of comic books, which ultimately resulted in the creation of ComicCritter.

Academic background: J.D., University of Iowa College of Law; M.A., Creative Writing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; B.A. English, B.A. Philosophy, University of Dubuque.

Currently reading: Ms. Marvel, Daredevil, Saga, Dr. Strange, and Star Wars: Darth Vader.


Craig Blake got his start on comics from watching the X-Men Animated Series in the 90s. He became more interested in a critical approach to the genre while practicing law in Colorado. Among other things, Craig is interested the way the law is presented in comics and related media as well as how the real-world business affects the fictional presentation.

Academic background: J.D., University of Denver, Sturm College of Law; B.A. English, University of Utah.

Currently reading: Guardians of the Galaxy, Uncanny X-Force, X-Men, Daredevil, Ms. Marvel, and Annihilation: Conquest


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